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We do not routinely board animals, but we will hospitalize animals that require special medical attention.

Preventative Exams

We recommend twice a year exams for our patients

so we may find and treat little problems before they

become major ones. 

Spay & Neuter

We do these procedures not only on dogs and cats,

but have also done them on rabbits, iquanas, and

prairie dogs!

Emergency Care

Emergencies during normal business hours are

triaged and given appropriate precedence.  After

hours you may contact the doctor by pager (630)

988-2003, or call the Emergency Veterinary Service

of St. Charles at (630)584-7447 or the VCA Aurora

Animal Hospital at (630)896-8541.


We can do prophylactic vaccines and titers to assess your

pet's individual immune status to each core disease.

We do exploratory, mass removal, and other types of

soft tissue surgery.  We will generally refer

orthopedic surgeries out to a board certified surgeon.

Micro Chipping

We recommend micro-chipping for all of our

cat and dog patients even if they are only indoor

cats.  Sometimes they can be sneaky and they

will need to go out occasionally, if only to go

to the vet!

Acupuncture & Chiropractic

We offer these services for the patient that is

older, having arthitis issues or other health

problems that might benefit from moving and

feeling better!

Dental Care

We strongly recommend that all the cat and dog

patients receive daily brushing or other dental care

to prevent bacteria spreading from the mouth to other

vital organs, such as the liver, kidneys and heart.


We are now using digital radiography

and are very excited about how that will help our

diagnostic capabilities.

House Calls/ Pet Pick Up

We do them!​​  Call to schedule your appointment.

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